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 T E A K

Teak offers a durability that no other wood can match. It has a high oil content, which makes it durable and protects from rot caused by extreme weather. Teak has a natural beauty and diversity that means that no two examples are the same. Colouration may be observed after exposure to natural light for several weeks. This gives teak its uniquely beautiful colour. Teak is one of the finest carpentry woods and it is exceptionally durable.

 D U R I A N

Another robust, flexible wood. Durian is durable, which makes it well suited to all kinds of construction work, window & door frames, furniture, panelling, etc. Durian is easy to saw and can usually be planed smooth. Planed durian does not gleam and does not display any unattractive knotting.

 M E R A N T I

The largest reserves of Meranti are found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Meranti is a wood of outstanding quality, which is well suited to stripping. The veneer dries without a flaw and is ideal for gluing. Meranti is one of the most versatile woods there is, although it is most often used outdoors, as it is a robust, durable wood that is able to tolerate extreme weather. That’s why we use Meranti for our greenhouses.

 O A K

Oak can be used in almost any industry or venture. Under the right conditions it will dry well and it is well suited to manual and automated processing.

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