About us

Beltima is since 1978 a real family business.

Own production

The production is done in our factory in Poland (Tarnow). This is managed by a foreman who has worked for us in Antwerp for years. He manages around 20 employees. Because it’s our own factory, we are very flexible and we can make everything custom made.


Beltima was founded in 1978,  originally a tin foundry (BELgische TIn MAatmaatschappij) by Mr. Luc Heylen.
Quickly the company evolved into a manufacturer / wholesaler in frames, lighting, decorative items and furniture and then also greenhouses.
Afterwards the collection expanded with cabins, garden houses, gazebos, …

Who we are

Beltima has remained a real family business. Our workers and employees have been with us for years.


Luc Heylen – director and founder of Beltima since 1978. Even if he has reached retirement age, he doesn’t want to stop working. Nowadays, he mainly deals with the creation of our greenhouses and other garden sheds / cabins.


David Huyghe – co-director: David has been with Beltima since the year 2000. He is Luc’s son-in-law. You will often see David at exhibitions/garden fairs. At the office, he mainly takes care of price offers and general administration.

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