Wooden greenhouses

"These particularly aesthetic greenhouses bring a real supplement of soul and an original decorative touch to your garden. You can choose between a wooden greenhouse in Siberian Larch or in red Cedar wood. Larch wood is one of the most sustainable European softwood species, often used as construction wood. If you choose a greenhouse in Siberian Larch wood, these will be painted in the colour of your choice.

Red cedar mainly comes from Canada, Alaska and Siberia. This kind of North American wood is known to be light and has incredible strength. Red cedar is also very durable. Treatment is not necessarily needed, but it is sometimes done to keep the wood a little more pretty in terms of appearance. Red cedar is also environmentally friendly, the wood does not need to be impregnated with chemicals as it contains natural thujaplicin and water-soluble phenols which protect the wood from decay and damage caused by insects. Red cedar has a good thermal coefficient, which means that it does not absorb heat. The red cedar greenhouses are not painted.

Discover a few projects of custom-made wooden lean to greenhouses. Our greenhouses can be built against 1 or more walls. If you want a greenhouse on a wall, this is also possible. Are you interested in a lean to greenhouse? Luc or David will make an appointment with you to ...

Have a look at our standard freestanding wooden greenhouses.

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