1. Foundation

The foundation must always be a little higher than the level of the garden, so the door can open without any problems and there is protection against the moisture that comes out of the ground.
A foundation is also needed because the soil does not have the same density everywhere, while the greenhouse has a certain weight, this way there are no prolapses. What is very important is that the foundation is 100% levelled.

The customer can choose for himself whether he only places a foundation under the contour of the greenhouse or a foundation over the entire surface of the greenhouse. We can also place greenhouses on a brick wall.

The foundations can be provided by the customer or can be placed by us. A detailed foundation plan is sent to the customer when ordering his greenhouse.

2. Kit-system

All our greenhouses are made in kit (Knockdown). This means that they are delivered in panels with the glass already placed. This results in a much faster assembly, and that the customer can also choose to install the greenhouse themselves. For this we send detailed plans.

3. Materials

Glasses :
– straight standard greenhouse glasses of 3mm of 4mm
– laminated glass of 6mm
Everything in straight or curved glasses that follow the curve of the iron nicely.

Glass attachment:

Here you also have the choice between:
– authentic putty or
– Silirub from Soudal ( link info : Silirub)
Available colours putty: natrual (beige), white, black or grey.
Available colours Silirub : white or black

Automatic window opener:

If you want to have hydraulic pumps in the windows of the roof that open and close automatically, this is also an option that we can offer you. These work with oil which expands and shrinks with the temperature and so opens or closes the windows.

Others finishings: 

If you want a wood stove in your greenhouse, we can replace a glass in the roof with a zinc plate for the chimney.

4. Terms

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